We ask all anglers to take part
with us in proper care of our
future. With proper handling
of our catch we can ensure a
great future of angling!

In 2016, the Catch & Release
program had a success rate of
Caution: Trail of Dreams Tournaments can be Habit Forming!
Trail of Dreams Tournament
Series is geared to meet the
needs of competitive anglers,
regardless of experience level
or ability. It is a premier
method for anglers to
experience the thrill of a
professional level bass

All Tournaments are
Catch & Release

It is time to plan for your 2017 Trail of Dreams Tournament Series Season. No other circuits in the tri-state area offer more opportunities for the competitive anglers.

Any and all information for the current season is available here on our website.
Just click and surf around and you will find anything you need!

Don't forget on January 20-22 we will be at the Civic Center shaking hands and kissin' babies!
You can come by our booth (90/91) to ask any questions, get the run down of the new season, and register for any of the events of 2017!

See Ya on the Water!
~Bob, Vickie, & the Team
Open Tournaments
4/15 - Summersville Lake
6/03 - Gallipolis, Ohio
6/17 - Kanawha River
8/26 - Kanawha River
9/16 - Kanawha River

Team Anglers of the Year Qualifiers.
Single Anglers Welcome.
Master Series
$10,000 to Win!
4/22 - Yatesville Lake
4/29 - Summersville Lake
5/27 - Kanawha River

These events work off a priority list from previous years tournament. Any open slots are on a first come first serve basis.
Team Event Only.
"Best of the Best"
$10,000 to Win!
5/13 - Stonewall Jackson

Top anglers of the 2016 season from various organizations tournaments battle it out to see who really is the "Best of the Best" in West Virginia. Team Event Only.
2017 Trail of Dreams Tournament Series Season Events