Welcome to Trail of Dream's web site! We manage and provide a bass fishing tournament trail that many avid anglers follow and participate in through out West Virginia, Virginia,  Ohio and Kentucky.

Trail of Dreams Tournament Series is geared to meet the needs of competitive anglers, regardless of experience level or ability. It is a premier method for anglers to experience the thrill of a professional level bass tournament. We provide fair and competitive tournaments. All tournaments are Catch & Release.

Catch & Release fishing has become an important conservation tool as a means of preserving and enhancing our Lakes and Rivers fisheries. Whether by regulation or choice, Catch & Release is an essential part of Tournament Fishing. In 1997 Trail of Dreams has made a long-standing commitment to preserve one of our nations resources. We ask all anglers to join into this commitment.

From the time the fish enters the boat, proper handling of these fish starts then. Once we take possession of the fish, they have never had it so good. Special care provided to these fish will ensure our future anglers will have a healthy fishery and help reinforce our concept of Catch & Release. With Trail of Dream's Specialized Unit, it allows us to conduct a tournament weigh-in, allowing the fish to recover from stress and handling. All fish are released alive back to tournament waters.

We have built a strong working relationship with the Department of National Resources to maintain quality fishing and fish habitat. This ensures quality fisheries for ourselves and future anglers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  See  you on the Water!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ~Bob & Vickie