Tournament Rules & Regulations
Entry fees for the Cabelas Master Series will be $200.00, per team. (110-boat limit)
Lunker Included in Entry Fee
Late Fee $10.00
$20.00 ea. tournament holds boat number
drawing / fee is non-refundable!
(excludes Cabelas)
2015 Open Team Bass Tournament Schedule
Date Location Entry Fees/ Per Team
  T.D.'s Shaky Heads  
April 4 Sutton Lake $100.00
April 18 Summersville Lake $100.00
May 19 Kanawha River $100.00
  Cabelas Master Series  
May 23 Kanawha River $200.00
  Freedom/Loftis & Son  
May 24 Kanawha River Invitational By Invitation ONLY
  Relay for Life  
June 6 Ohio River $100.00
  Make-A-Wish Benefit  
June 13 Kanawha River $100.00
September 19 Kanawha River $100.00
October 3 Kanawha River